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This Robot performs its best performance when the currency you indicated is lateralising within a channel for quite some time. See the Ripple between September and December 2017.
It is possible that the project behind the digital currency makes important commercial agreements and therefore the market starts to buy it, causing a sudden increase in the value in a short time.
When the value of the coin exceeds a certain threshold (1) [yellow dotted line] the test period begins (2) [blue area] .

You can decide whether to monitor the progress of this currency for minutes, hours or days.

If during the test period the average value has risen by at least a certain % which we call Validity test (3) then the Robot will make a purchase at market value of the quantity (4) you request. The Ripple in this real example we kept it under control for 10 hours starting from $ 0.3 and it went up by 30% and the robot bought it for $ 0.39. The amount of dollars purchased at this price is your decision. If I had imposed 10% or 20% this Robot would have taken the 30% increase for valid and at the end of the test period would have made the purchase for you.
In case the average value during the test period does not exceed the % validity (3), the robot will wait again for the next opportunity without keeping your money busy. The value in the test period it could also fall below the threshold value (1) thus starting the test period from scratch.

After the robot has made the purchase through your account Bittrex the value could go up or down. The robot calculates your gain or loss every minute.
If the value falls below the maximum loss value (5) indicated by you, the robot will close the position by selling the purchased coins and will stop. If we had put 20% here the robot would have waited for the loss to have been more than 21% or more.
If the value goes up, the robot will memorize the maximum value reached dynamically by the market (green lines) and will close your position when the value reaches the maximum descent% (6) from the maximum value reached as you can see by enlarging the image in this part goes from 10% to 18%.
If we had set a maximum descent of 30% the robot would have sold at $ 0.61 corresponding to a 156% as it had purchased at $ 0.39.

But if we had set a maximum descent of 40%? When would you have closed this operation?

$ 0.75 with a 192% profit!

And if we had set the 50% of maximum descent from the maximum value reached?
$ 1.61 with a 412% profit

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